Monday, 2 May 2016

2016 - a new adventure

Arrived on the boat yesterday, after the usual long drive up. Stopped off for a break at the NT gardens Acorn Bank - loads of fritillary in the orchard (they must practice rigorous rabbit control!)

Then on up to Largs through the rain. Harmony is stored right at the back of the yard adn looks quite smart as we drive up. I had been up a month earlier to antifoul the bottom and do some fettling.

Priming the antifoul
Looking a lot smarter

We sorted the boat and then battened down the hatches for gales and rain forecast for the night.
It was a rough night with the boat being rocked on the stand by the wind.
Rain this morning and then  breakfast round the new table. Hilary came up with the idea of an 18" diameter table in the cabin - great idea, it works really well

A day of fettling ahead in between the showers. The sun is shining and the oyster catchers a reeling about the yard shouting at each other.


  1. Harmony looks very smart as do Hilary and the new table! Hope Harmony goes safely into the water today and the weather is ok for your sailing. Looking forward to following your progress.

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  3. Nice boat! It's cool that it has a cabin, it makes it livable too. Do you fish off the boat? I could see that being really relaxing. I would love a boat when I retire, so I can spend more time with the wife. She also loves boats and wants to explore parts of the Pacific Ocean.