Friday, 14 July 2017

I'm not sure if the Canoe Union would approve!

This is another short video posted by Dylan. How to (or possibly how not to) tow a canoe

Out on the Deben

You might like to see what we get up to on a sunny day on the Deben

That's me in the canoe. Dylan spends a lot of time mooching around in his dinghy and I join him when I get the chance. This was a particularly enjoyable day's 'messing about on the river'.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Are you seeing the videos?

Can you help? Let me know if you can see the videos I have put in the last post.
If you can or cannot see them tell me what device you are using ie PC, Mac, iphone etc and what internet browser.

Drifting around on the Stour

On Sunday the forecast looked good for Tuesday so H and I headed down to Woolverstone, dinghied across to Harmony and in very quick time, after a necessary coffee, headed down the Orwell on the engine. It took an hour at four knots with the tide in our favour but the wind, a F2 or F3, right on the nose blowing up the estuary.
Arrived at Felixstowe, to admire the huge container ships unloading/loading, then raised the sails, turned in front of Harwich quay and headed up the Stour wind in our favour but tide against us.
The first video shows Shotley Point and the Thames Barge Thistle as we start up the Stour.

Starting up the Stour

As you can see, the weather was sunny, it was light breeze and just enough to push us up against the tide. We ate lunch as we went along and this meant we could get as far as Holbrook Bay, where Hilary saw the Royal Hospital School for the first time. Stupidly I didn't video it and I didn't even take a picture! The building is hugely impressive. It looks as though someone wanted to build another Greenwich river front but in Suffolk. 
Here is a picture of it from the web.

The tower dominates the local countryside.
We turned around then back into the wind and the flooding tide so downed sails and engaged engine.
About another hour at four knots brought us back to Harwich where we could set sail and turn the engine off - ah peace and quiet!
The wind had now dropped to F2 and so we drifted with flood tide back up to Woolverstone, taking at least a couple of hours.
We are just coming to Pin Mill on the video.

Using the flood tide to get home
It was a lovely day drifting around and typical of the days we have had on the water so far.

Worrying about what to blog and when.

Okay, I have been worrying about how to post all the things I am doing with the boat at the moment. It was easier when in Scotland as we had lots of time when we had to sit around in the boat sheltering from the weather. When at home there are so many other things to do there doesn't seem time to edit videos, write notes and wax lyrical about the trips. so I am going to write random blogs and fill them with video and pictures as and when I can. Then one day I will sort them into some sort of timeline.
Here goes................