Thursday, 28 July 2016

Peterhead to Stonehaven

Alice and I caught the train up on the 22nd July and arrived 1 1/2 hours late at Aberdeen and caught a bus through the rain to Peterhead.
There was a gift of a can of beer from the Faeroes left by a solo sailor Thomas I had met when last in Peterhead. Since I had seen him last he had sailed over to the Islands and back.

 Also there was a letter for Dylan written by some admirers who had seen Harmony and assumed he was there!
Glad to get our heads down on Harmony after the long journey.
The next morning, Saturday, we settled our account and left about 1000 hrs to catch the tidal stream south. We exited in a thick haar so could see little of the harbour except the entrance towers. Navigated a course through the fog until it lifted about an hour later as we were just a bit south of Buchan Lighthouse. Progress was slow as we met the last of the northward going tide.
We motored all the way to Stonehaven. Once the tide was under us we managed near enough 5 knots all the way. Harmony's engine is doing sterling work as we did 38 miles in a little under 8 hours.
Arrived very tired as the wind and swell knocked us about a fair bit, I sometimes have my doubts about the wind strength that is forecast.

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