Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Whitehills to Peterheads

Pulled out of Whitehills at 5.30 am in the hope of avoiding the nasty weather heading our way later in the day.
Rob on the boat next door helped us to back out of the berth by warping us round his bow. Then we motored out straight into thick, thick fog. Our first waymark was Troup Head, but first we had to learn not to motor round in circles, which is very easy in the fog. Once I managed to concentrate on the GPS and keep checking the compass as well we set off more or less in a straight line towards the Head it was ten miles and about 2 hours as we approached from about half a mile off the fog lifted and we saw the cliffs covered in white birds mostly gannets I think judging by the number flying around us. There was very little wind but it was picking up, still an east or north east one so still not much good to us. Also the swell was a northerly one and getting bigger.

Leaving Troup Head behind we headed for Kinnaird Head above Fraserburgh. 

Still no sun and wind in the north east. The swell stated to increase but wasn't uncomfortable so set off for Rattray Head, as mentioned in the Inshore Forecasts.
Wow just as we came abreast of the lighthouse the swell picked up from two directions, sometimes three and Harmony was pushed around all over the the place.

 The sea wasn't blue like this it was grey and lots of white horses.
We ground our way through the swells talking of anything to distract ourselves from the nasty seas.
Finally Peterhead came into view and in another hour we rounded the point to pick up an even bigger swell towards the harbour mouth. Managed to call up the Harbour control and got permission to enter and proceed to the marina arriving through the entrance by surfing the big waves. With great relief we moored up and checked in arriving at 2pm.
Alice was marvellous and did not complain, but you could see from her face that she was happy to be back on dry land!
Safely tucked up and drying out.
It was not a day for photographs so I have 'borrowed' these ones from the internet - thanks to the various sources supplying them.

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