Saturday, 11 June 2016

Inverness to Findhorn - not quite.

Inverness is a place where they collect the bits of wind turbines ready to assemble - big bits....

Also found this very rounded boat made be the aircraft company Fairey, called Sugar Plum

but I digress, we left Inverness at 10 am on the ebb, Alice immediately spotted an otter on the shore line just before we went under Kessock Bridge. Then we met a couple of dolphins - they looked smaller than the ones yesterday.
Sadly the wind was in the east to north east so we plugged along on the motor, now sounding very happy.
Passed Chanonry point, studded with dolphin watchers, and Fort George then out into the Firth proper - nasty swell running east to west and and the wind on the nose, of course.
Attempted to sail but only went sideways so back to the motor. the wind picked up and so did the swell. Pretty miserable except it wasn't raining!
We passed Nairn and still had two hours motoring to go when I decided to turn back to Nairn for both our sanities.
Very glad we did, scooted into the harbour with water to spare under the keels and slotted into a visitors berth as directed by the very obliging harbour master. Paid our dues and went for walk.
Big beaches here!

not very busy....... a lovely sculpture to commemorate the Fishwives of Nairn

That evening we were made very welcome at the Sailing Club and shared stories with Ken the Commodore and Peter and his family and crew who were also visiting on Merida.
So we never made it to Findhorn, one to put on the list for another day.

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