Thursday, 16 June 2016

Alice goes home

Harmony in Peterhead marina!

Up early and the bus to Aberdeen, Alice caught the train down south.
By by Alice, thanks for your help you were a star.
I spent the day, in the rain, wandering round Aberdeen, the best place was the Maritime Museum, which I recommend.
Found this - named after Alice?
and this
and this was the view from the museum
Aberdeen was very wet, so after lunch I hopped back on the bus, had supper with another sailor on the marina and turned in.
Slept through til 8am - bliss.


  1. Weather looks miserable! You are going to miss Alice ....... what's the plan now??

    1. Hilary and Charlotte coming up for a few days but I doubt there will be any sailing, the forecasts don't look any better - ah well .....

    2. Sorry weather is not better - you can always spend the time swabbing the decks ...................