Friday, 6 May 2016

Up Loch Fyne

We left Portavadie and headed up Loch Fyne under engine as there was little wind, but the sun was shining and it it was a glorious Scottish morning.

A fine morning on Loch Fyne

We wanted to arrive at Ardrishaig at about high tide so the water in the the first sea loch was not too low.
Approaching Ardrishaig

We approached the breakwater and turned to get all our fenders and ropes ready, but the lock keepers signalled for us to come straight in. 
Breakwater and light at Ardrishaig

We arrived in a rush and thoroughly cocked up our entrance and tying up in the lock. Luckily our lock mates, who we were to get on with splendidly, fended us off and settled us for the first lock filling.
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