Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lying at Dunstaffnage Marina near Oban (quick note)

We don't have access to the Marina wifi here so unable to post much to the blog.
We arrived here yesterday with intention of staying a day then pushing on to Fort William. Unfortunately it is quite windy and coming from the northeast which is the direction we want to go. It means a long motor up Loch Linhe. Thursday looks the better day for this so we will spend another day at Dunstaffnage and head out early Thursday morning to catch the tide.
The up side is that the sun is shining and the breeze is warm, not what you are getting down south I think.
I'll bring the blog up to date with pictures and news when we can get a good wifi connection.


  1. Enjoying keeping up with your trip. Hope the weather is as expected tomorrow. Fair winds, Gary.

    1. Cheers Gary, I am watching XCweather closely and they seem to be getting it right. The wind picked up to steady F4 at 1000hrs as they predicted.

  2. we4t, wet, wet down in cornwall - but I am coming North so I will bring the wet up with me