Friday, 20 May 2016

Fort Augustus to Dochgarroch - up Loch Ness

Another quiet night in Fort Augustus, although we did moor as far as possible from the shops and restaurants.
We met up with Bill, Fran and Amber and Jean-Luc and Karen and all went for a coffee in the town. A great opportunity to talk about lots of inconsequential things like .....the referendum!
Suddenly we realised that we should be on our way if we were to make it up Loch Ness before the locks all shut at 5.30 pm.
We left Bill, Fran and Amber to enjoy another day in Fort Augustus and returned to the pontoons. Archimede with Jean-Luc and Karen left before us and we were following soon after.
Leaving Fort Augustus
Now we were on a long run up Loch Ness about 21 nautical miles with a light breeze.
We put up the headsail and tootled along at about 3 knots
Headsail up
We watched Archimede raise her spinnaker and race away into the distance - hmm I must think about getting a spinnaker.
After about a couple of hours we realized we were not going to arrive at Dochgarroch in time so sadly we lowered the sail and turned on the engine.
It was quite long haul up the loch and we kept an eye out for Nessie. Looking astern we had the loch to ourselves
Empty Loch Ness
Looking forward there were only a few hire boats and Archimede
Looking north up the loch
We had lunch - sorry I know it is a bit of cliché to post pictures of food, but it was nice and healthy well, except for the cuppa soup!
Then Hilary got herself wedged in to the corner of the cockpit and carried on Nessie watching

There wasn't much to see, except the odd hire motorboat, one or two yachts on passage oh and Urquhart Castle
Urquhart Castle
The castle was heaving with tourists so we quickly passed by and raced for the head of the loch.
Once through the lock we had to motor past a long line of boats to eventually moor next to Archimede a good ten minutes walk from the toilets and showers - sigh.
We had tea with Jean Luc and Karen and talked of many things - including the referendum!
They said that they saw Nessie and had a picture to prove it. What do you think?


After the long trek to the facilities that night I was standing on the deck contemplating the end of the day when I heard a splash under the pontoon, then another close to. As I looked down an otter swam right past the boat! I never realised how big they are, unfortunately by the time I had roused Hilary from her bed, all that could be seen of our visitor in the gloaming were a few ripples. 


  1. An otter - how lucky is that? And your friends saw Nessie - love the pic!

    1. Yes, I think they should send the picture to the Sun newspaper!