Monday, 16 May 2016

Dunstaffnage Marina to the start of the Caledonian Canal. Thursday 12th May

Early start left at 0600hrs. Wind NE F3/4 Motor only.
Wanted to catch the tidal stream up the Lynn of Lorne and then Loch Linnhe. We also had to arrive at the sea lock at Corpach at least two hours before low water and after the lock keeper's lunch break.
The beach at Dunstaffnage Castle at 6am
However once we rounded the point we got a large swell and wind against tide made it very bumpy.
I got the tides right but the wind was the overriding factor.
Very rough all the way up Lynn of Lorne and Loch Linnhe. Poor old Harmony was plunging up and down some very nasty short, choppy waves it was pretty grim and I did consider turning back at one point. However just before reaching the Corran Narrows the swell eased (probably no longer wind against tide) and the trip became much more pleasant
Approaching Corran Narrows

Leaving Corran Narrows
No small yachts about for most of the trip but the odd working boat passed us. Exchanged pleasantries with a Centaur heading down the loch under motor. (They shouted 'SNAP' first!)

Now we could enjoy the trip and make some tea.
Tea at last!

It was a lovely run up to and past Fort William and then arrived at the Corpach sea lock at 1310hrs (I had aimed for 1300hrs in  my passage planning)

Passing Fort William

First sight of Ben Nevis

The lock keeper ushered us into the lock and safely through into the basin even though he hadn't had his lunch yet.
We moored behind another Centaur which we subsequently found out was called Comma and was headed for Ullapool

In Corpach Basin

We had motored all the way and probably only used 10 litres max of fuel.
The engine ran very well for about 8hrs and averaged 4 knts
Refuelled with 24.21 litres which also replenished the 10 litre spare can.

Me and Ben Nevis

Good night Harmony

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  1. Great to catch up with your trip and see the photos. Looking forward to the next installment.