Monday, 16 May 2016

Dunstaffnage day one

We had arrived too late to get a key etc so the next morning settled our berth for two nights.
Woke to a stunning sunny morning and no wind.
Wind picked up to steady F5 gusting F7 at about 0900hrs
Discovered freshwater pump had dumped contents of water tank into bilges. 
Fixed pump.
Started auxiliary engine which seemed fine, once I had worked out the choke.
Headed off to Oban, a three and a half mile walk on another bright but breezy day.
As this is a blog about sailing I will skip this day except to say that we had an excellent lunch at a cafe called the Little Potting Shed. See this review http://thetartancarrot.co.uk/oban-the-little-potting-shed
The wind died away again in the evening to give us a lovely quiet night.

Screen shot of the day's weather forecast

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