Friday, 20 May 2016

Dochgarroch to Inverness - the final leg

Saw this seat at Dochgarroch lock, it is a two seater so not as uncomfortable as it might first look

Archimede left early to try to get through the sea lock and away to the north.
We left a little later and enjoyed the last of the canal as the trees awoke from the long winter and softened the bare branches with the lovely green of newly sprouting leaves.

We caught up with Archimede at the lock flight into Inverness as they had to wait for them to open the swing bridge and then wait again as the Lord of the Glen cruiser came up through the flight.
So we locked down with them and another yacht.

In the lock

This last flight was quite deep and Harmony got a few knocks but nothing serious.
We finally came through the flight and arrived in Seaport Marina which is still in the canal and close to the town. We found our berth, negotiated our fees and tied up Harmony for the last time for a few weeks 'til we start the next part of our journey.
That evening we met up again with Andrew and Sheila and went out for supper - in the rain.

The next day they headed off to Edinburgh, Hilary caught the train back to Largs and then drove the van back to Inverness. An epic journey that took her all day. I saw Archimede off as they moved to Inverness Marina so they could leave nice and early the next morning for Wick and then on to the Shetland Islands - I was very envious!

I cleaned the boat, arranged a marine electrician to sort out the navigation lights, prepared Harmony for her stay at Inverness while we headed south.

We left Inverness the following morning and drove back to Suffolk, it took thirteen hours including the stops.

A great trip that took 18 days and we logged over 160 nautical miles through some of the most stunning Scottish scenery. Hilary dealt with all sorts of challenges and although I think she didn't enjoy all of it she says there were some really good bits. Me? - I am just happy being on a boat!


  1. What a wonderful trip - glad it all went well and you are safely home again.

  2. It is great to be home. Mowing grass and cutting back the greenery. Alice held the fort admirably

  3. Archimede says hello from Wick. We leave for the Orkney Islands tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Archimede, I hope you had a decent journey up. I have just discovered you have AIS so we can see you on your travels via the Internet. Enjoy the trip to the Orkneys.

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