Saturday, 7 May 2016

Crinan Canal - day two

Woken by bird song and the cuckoo!
Hilary headed down to the facilities just before 8am and I said don't rush as there was no sign from the boat next door. No sooner had they gone than it was all action, so Sweet Harmony! headed off to prepare the locks for the 8.30am start. Meanwhile no sign of Hilary! She arrived at the run after noticing that she could see only one mast at the pontoon. She had been waylaid by a couple of residents feeding red wild red squirrels, which she saw. I was very envious. Still we had to get on and catch the others. As it turned out we had to wait for the lock keeper to arrive to start us off.

In the lock

Mike and his boat
Underway again we leapt down the lock stairs and arrived very quickly in the Crinan basin where we said goodbye to our new friends as they went on through the sea lock and continued on to Oban.
Martin waves 

Bye bye

Missing you already!
Leaving us snugly tied up in the Basin.

Snugged up

We had the rest of the day to ourselves and went for a walk. More later.


  1. What an adventure - and red squirrels too Hilary how lucky to see them. Have a lovely evening - it all looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks, I was sorry not to see them.

  3. Hey Nigel, how's things? Final destination is the Orwell, Suffolk. Presently heading for Inverness as first leg then working our way down the east coast, to arrive sometime in September ish.

    1. What a trip!
      I've moved from the Deben and now on a swing in well-next-the-sea.(well I will be when they put the boat back in the water). If you pop into wells later in the year we must meet up, Ill stand a meal in return for a tour of Harmony?

  4. I look forward to it, I want to explore that piece of coast very much. I'll keep in touch. Here's to a good summer's sailing for us all.