Saturday, 7 May 2016

Crinan Canal - day one

Whew!going through the canal is jolly hard work. Hilary and I quickly worked out we would struggle on our own so as we shared the sea lock at  Ardrishaig with another boat called Sweet Harmony! it seemed fitting that we should go through the locks together. The had three guys on board so between us we reckoned we could work it out.
Following Sweet Harmony!
See, I did let Hilary helm

As we went through the first few locks we worked out a system of mooring, gate opening and lock filling. The professionals took no prisoners and looked upon our efforts with some derision. However we became more confident as we tackled each lock. Fortified by a very welcome Magnum ice cream, thoughtfully brought to us by Martin, we were soon swinging along. 
We finally went through lock 8 and rafted up with Sweet Harmony! on a pontoon for the night. We were now at the top of the canal, it was downhill all the way form here.

Preparing to raft

Rafted up for the night

Harmony duet
The loos were about a quarter of a mile's walk away and the door lock was a bit of a challenge but we all got the hang of it eventually.
There was an very shiny boat close to the bridge at Cairnbaan.
Shiny boat
And as we strolled down to the facilities we passed a rather enterprising living sculpture in the making
Ivy Green Man
We finally managed to introduce ourselves to the crew of Sweet Harmony!, Mike, Martin and Dave who were all very nice guys and showed us round their boat, a Contessa 36. ( I must admit to a bit of boat envy). We were all exhausted by our lock operating efforts so headed to bed early so that we could get going at 8am to be ready to transit the locks down to Crinan.


  1. Hi
    Dylan and is crew in the new KTL. Centaur is in the Crinan canal today !
    You beat him to it!
    Looks like you are having a good trip too.

    1. Thanks Warren, they have made good time by the looks of it.