Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Back in the water

Early start, as we didn't know when they would arrive with the cradle. I wandered up to the dock and asked when they were coming to get us. Neil said that if there hadn't been a boat already in the cradle they would have been with us first thing. I headed back to move the van and prepare for their arrival. Oops the van's battery was flat, I had left the interior light on!
Neil and David arrived along with a good sense of humour and helped me jump start the van.

Neil and David arrive
Then they prepared the slings and carefully lifted Harmony into the cradle. David steered the cradle through the boat yard and across the car park to the dock.
Adjusting the slings

Neil, on camera!

Nearly forgot the ladder

Weaving through the car park

Gently does it into the water

Checking for leaks - all is well

Safely on the pontoon, sails on

Making everything secure
Thanks to David and Neil, for their help and unfailing good humour.
The engine started first time and we topped up the diesel tank and took her to our temporary berth. I went and collected the repaired headsail and then we waited for the wind to drop at the end of the day to put it up and fitted the mainsail. We dug out the spray dodgers and fitted them as well.
Walked into Largs for fish and chips that evening and then crashed, exhausted into bed for our first sleep on the water this season.


  1. Happily back in the water - am very envious! Happy sailing.

    1. Thanks, presently hunkered down watching 'Captain Philips' . Heavy rain here today and very windy. Tomorrow we start heading north.